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The Design Standard of Special Custom Screw

source:    Author:Kira    views:82    Release time:2015-05-18

When we product screws, firstly we must design many standards about every field. As same as customer made screw, the design standard of special custom screw is more stricter. There are many kinds of design standard, like screw wire standard, screw mould standard, screw tooth plate standard, screw drawing standard and other standards.

Well, now I would like to introduce some specific standards of special customer screw. Firstly, screw wire standard should be confirmed. According to specification of screw to decide the size of screw wires which used in production process, includes which size and materials should be used. Secondly is screw tooth plate standard, which also decided by customers’ requirements about what kind, which type and size of screw will be produced. These 2 points is the basic design standard of special custom screw. Other standards are national and industrial standards. Then we base on these standards then trace paper for customers. When go into production, we will ensure the tolerance standard, heading standard, electroplating standard and so on. I think good special custom screw fasteners should make it carefully to set standards cover all fields of production process, try one's best to meet customers’ requirements.

Only we set all aspects of the design standard of special custom screw can make production activity run smoothly, the productions meet customers’ requirements and national standard.

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