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Stainless steel screw can be plated with black zinc?

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Recently, A lot of customers are asking if King tower can do stainless steelscrew plating environmental protection black zinc?

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Although stainless steel screw can be plated with environmental protection black zinc, but because of the characteristics of the material, with black zinc layer adhesion is not very strong. This means that the black surface of the screw is easy to come off, revealing the true color of the stainless steel. Stainless steel plating black zinc effect is not good to what extent? We rub the surface of the screw with the cloth, and the black fades easily.

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So, when a customer said to do stainless steel screw, and the surface to make environmental protection black zinc, King Tower will tell the customer made this is what will happen after surface treatment, and suggested to the customer in a different way of surface treatment, such as high temperature nigrescence, electrophoresis and so on, the surface treatment can also make the surface of stainless steel screws into black.

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So when you need stainless steel screw, and want to make it into black, youcan choose to do high temperature blackening, electrophoresis, etc. It is recommended that you do not choose green black zinc.

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