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When the production of screws, lead screw head bad reason?

source:King-Tower    Author:1    views:34    Release time:2014-09-30

1. The screw head headshot, cracks, cracking phenomenon: This is mainly screw wire material issues, poor material, debris, not pure. or use a die error in the production of which starts with (such as playing pan head hex washer head with a die), and the reasons for poor lubricants.

2. Screw appear tilted: the emergence of the screw head tilt phenomenon, which is mainly a technical problem starts with the masters in the production of cold pier among the poor and the installation of a red conditioner is incorrect.

3. eccentric screw head: This is the question master the technical aspects of the production, mainly pier hit the screw head, the production staff of two rushing poorly installed and conditioner is incorrect.

 4. crack angle: red needles break or two punch and fight mold with not heavy.

5. The head is not round: an inappropriate choice of the die or punch forming a not full.

6. dozen die cracks: rupture or play mode to play mode R improper angle, so that the second collision hit die scratch.

7. Burr: a red molded poor, mainly the gap between the punch and the die punch the hole too large or too short to cause .8 head double: a punch bad shape.

In summary, the screw head bad problems, mainly in technical production operations is not reasonably lead. Therefore, to produce a good quality screws, have excellent production technology requires workers need to have a wealth of experience. Plus screws wire material is good, advanced production equipment screws. If so, then, to produce a good screw, high quality screws on without any problems. How would you assess their quality metal screws. Technical experience screws staff is the key, the production of screws and screw wire equipment is also essential.

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